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Flakiness and Elongation - Flakiness Index Sieve Set Sieve Slot Size (wxl)(mm) Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) UTA-0411 4.9x30 1.5 300x220x80 UTA-0412 7.2x40 1.6 320x240x80 UTA-0413 ... Thickness Gauge (Flakiness Index) BS - Flakiness Index ... Utest Material Testing Equipment . ... Thickness Gauge (Flakiness Index BS) Standards. ... Slot sizes are 4.9 x 30 mm, 7.2 x 40 mm, ... Flakiness Index Sieve Sets BS - Flakiness Index - Utest ...

Thickness Gauge (Flakiness Index) BS - Flakiness Index - Utest ...

Flakiness Index of Graded Materials This Method determines the flakiness index of a graded material. The Method applies to graded materials having a nominal size not greater thanCombine the size fractions retained on the sieve as necessary, into the fractions shown in Table 1. Take these test fractions from the coarsest downwards... HUMBOLDT The flakiness Index of an aggregate sample is found by separating the flaky particles and expressing their mass as a percentage of the mass of the samplePlace the whole of the size-fraction into the sieve, which shall then be shaken until the majority of flaky particles have passed through the slots. Method for determining aggregate flakiness index The Flakiness Index of an aggregate is determined using a gauge with slots of appropriate dimensions. Individual size fractions are separated and each particle that passes through the appropriate slot is considered a flaky particle. 933.02 Definition.

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The accuracy of the slot size is better than 0.1 mm. Aggregate particles are considered as flaky when their thickness is less than 0.6 of their mean sieve size. Aggregate to be classified is separated into seven sieve fractions from 6.3 to 63 mm and each fraction is examined separately. Flakiness Gauge - Construction Materials Testing Equipment For determining flakiness index. Particle is flaky when its thickness (smallest dimension) is less than 0.6 of the mid-size of the sieve fraction. Gauge has seven, labeled slots for manual evaluation of particles in the seven openings. The mass of all flaky particles (passing appropriate slots) as percent of the sample is the flakiness index. ATT-49/95 FLAKINESS INDEX 1.0 SCOPE 2.0 EQUIPMENT 10. Calculate the Flakiness Index for each sieve size as follows: 11. Total the weights in the "Weight Passing" and "Total Weight" columns, entering the figures in the "Sum of Weights" line. 12. Calculate the Total Flakiness Index in percent as follows: 3.1 Median Aggregate Particle Size at 50% Passing 1. Flakiness Index Sieve Sets Bs by Parsros Material Testing ...

Utest Material Testing Equipment ... UTA-0410. Flakiness Index Sieve Set BS. UTA-0411. Flakiness Index Sieve BS 4.9x30 mm Slot Size

flakiness index - Transportation This method describes the procedure for determining the flakiness index of aggregates to ... Fm slot, and for the + 6 300 Fm aggregate using the 10 000 - 6 300 Fm slot. 9. Add the Wt. Retained to the Wt. Passing on each slotted sieve size and. Thickness Gauge (Flakiness Index) | Classification Devices for ... The The Thickness Gauge (Flakiness Index) is made from heavy-gauge stainless steel with precision laser-cut openings and etched size markings for each slot.

The flakiness index shall be determined on each portion and a weighted average percentage shall be calculated.For aggregates retained on each applicable size sieve, each particle shall be tested by attempting to pass the particle through the appropriate slot for the size of material being tested.

Flakiness and Elongation - The accuracy of the slot size is better than 0.1 mm. UTA-0410 Flakiness Index Sieve Set consists of 7 sieves. For sample preparation 6.3, 10, 14, 20, 28, 37.5, 50 and 63 mm aperture sizes test sieves should be ordered separately. TMH1 - Method B3T - CSIR METHOD B3T TENTATIVE METHOD FOR THE DETERMINATION OF THE FLAKINESS INDEX OF A COARSE AGGREGATE SCOPE. The Flakiness Index of a coarse aggregate is determined by gauging screened-out fractions with the appropriate slot(s) given in Table I below. Aggregate retained on the 75 mm and passing the 4,75 mm sieve is not included in the test. Definition. Flakiness sieves, Aggregates testing equipment, Controls Flakiness sieve test set 47-D0415 General description Used to determine if aggregate particles are to be considered flaky, i.e. their thickness is less than 0.6 of their nominal size. Flakiness Gauge - Construction Materials Testing Equipment

Zeal International offering Flakiness Sieve Set, टेस्टिंग सिव, परीक्षण चलनी in New Delhi, Delhi. Get best price and read about company and get contact details and address. | ID: 14281808797 Utest Material Testing Equipments by Utest Material ... - Issuu The accuracy of the slot size is better than 0.1 mm. UTA-0410 Flakiness Index Sieve Set consists of 7 sieves. UTA-0365 For sample preperation 6.3, 10, 14, 20, 28, 37.5, 50 and 63 mm aperture sizes ... AGGREGATE TEST EQUIPMENTS AGGREGATE TEST EQUIPMENTS TMA-1457 | Flakiness Index Sieve BS 33.9x100 mm slot size The dimensions of each sieve comply with the relevant International Standard, manufactured from heavy gauge steel sheet and coated with